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Hey, could you check your tags? I made a post you might want to reblog and I'm so excited because it almost has 100 notes and i never get 100 notes but I don't want to seem needy and just send it to cou I'm already too embarrassed to go off anon I usually never ask for something like this but i need like 3 more notes for 100 so i just thought like fuck it, Imma tag my two favorite mormor blogs and maybe they find it in their tags and if not then that's fate but ok I'll go now bye sorry (btw ily)

I get quite a few tags, I’m looking at posts with almost 100 notes but I can’t find what you mean! Of course I’ll reblog it, talk about it, whatever it is! Don’t be shy!

(I’m going out in a minute for a couple of hours but send it to me or something and I’ll see it when I get back!!)

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That gif of Michael you asked about is from his photoshoot for GQ, by Marion Testino :)

Best part = Michael talking about the funniest thing someone said to him after seeing ‘Shame’.

'You could hit a golfball'

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Andrew Scott about Pride (x)

Check out the trailer for Pride here and check out the website!

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The Magpie and The Tiger

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Why Do We Need A Man?

The businessman sat on an expensively upholstered chair, his jaw slack and eyes hungry as a dog as he watched the girl saunter towards him, dress pulled up provocatively to her thighs, baring milky white skin, and a hint of lace. Her eyes were dark, ringed with kohl, black hair short and falling, choppy to her chin. She licked her lips when she saw him watching, and laughed quietly, a tinkling bell of a teasing giggle that somehow made him feel nervous. 

She reached him. Climbed atop him, and sat straddling his lap, rocking herself tantalizingly as he swore under his breath, his gaze falling to rake her chest, the line of her collarbone.. She smiled with red lips, and ran her fingers down his cheek, leaning in to press a kiss to the skin.

He couldn’t wait any longer. The teasing was too much. Why shouldn’t he have her now? After all, he’d bought her back to his flat. She knew what to expect. What was more or less promised. He’d been buying her damned drinks all night..

He lifted his hands, squeezed her breasts through her dress, watched that dark gaze flicker a little with irritation, before the smile returned, colder this time. 

”..Let’s go to bed..” She purred, a low feminine lilt that sent goosebumps rising along his skin, but he was impatient. 

"No." He said, and reached up, wrapping his fingers around a strap of that dress. "Here." She tilted her head at him, considering him, like a reptile. He grinned at her.

He pulled it hard, and it snapped in his fingers. She gritted her teeth, and her eyes fell flat, dark. She was off him in a second, and he was leaning after her, anger surging in his chest.

"Hey-" He demanded gruffly. He snatched at her arm. "Hey, where’d you think you’re going? I paid for this."

That hand fell to the floor. 

Without the rest of him. 

He hadn’t even seen it coming. She’d turned fast, a blade in her hand, sharp enough to filet the skin from a man’s body - and swiped it hard across his wrist, with nothing but a small pant of exertion. The blood began to spurt before the pain had even registered, but he fell to his knees, howling, gargling on agony as he thrashed with his arm, a crimson fountain coating the carpet. 

Through bleary eyes, he could see a new woman - a blonde woman now, taller, a fuller figure than the smaller one. She stood with the small brunette, and bent down, kissing the bare skin of her shoulder as the woman bristled about that broken strap.

The man could do nothing but clutch his bloodied wrist, convulsing on the carpet.

”..Did he touch your tits, too?” She asked after a moment, voice sultry and sweet all at once. 

"Like a fucking palming monkey." The brunette answered, cleaning off the knife on the ruined dress. "This is Herve Leger, you know. Fucking imbecile.."

"I see.." The blonde replied, and then with a crunch, stepped on the man’s hand, the one currently reaching across the carpet for his severed appendage. He roared again, kicking out, and she laughed, a lower, sexier laugh than the brunette, and then something cold was on his back, was slicing through his jacket, his skin - until he was thrashing and screaming, and the both of them were laughing at him. 

The brunette came to stand against the blonde, and she ruffled her hair, the brunette scowling. 

"You just wanted to watch." She accused with a pout, and the blonde grinned, flipping hair from her shoulder. She straightened, pulling the brunette close, and then cleaning the knife on that expensive dress. The brunette sighed. 

"I was enjoying myself before he got handsy."

"Don’t they always?"

The businessman was almost dead. He knew now, what they must have been after. The safe codes, for the MI6 trackers. It made sense. They’d never get them. He’d die before he gave them up. Pretty faces or not. Fucking.. women..

Sebastienne hugged Jana close, and put a foot on the businessman’s back, the boot landing in crimson. Jana didn’t want to miss out. She ground her stiletto through the skin of his back, humming quietly to herself, a song from the bar. The businessman howled, a wet sound rasping in his throat.

"Darling," Jana said with a pout, a touch pityingly. "The next time you want to protect a code, you might not want to use the same for everything."

Sebastienne sighed. “..Alarm code.. Pin number.. Typical man. Predictable as fuck.” She glanced conspiratorially at her lover, who rolled her eyes with an amused drawl, stepping out of that ruined dress, and stalking half naked, in bloodied stilettos, to the dead businessman’s bed.

"They always are."

The blonde grinned, kicked the mark aside, and followed.

(I did my own twist on the below! Sorry if it isn’t exactly what you wanted!)

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i love the Women Against Feminism that are like “I dont need feminism because i can admit i need my husband to open a jar for me and thats ok!” cause listen 1. get a towel 2. get the towel damp 3. put it on the lid and twist. BAM now men are completely useless. you, too, can open a jar. time to get a divorce



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Requested by octofied end barumonster <3

Summer showers~

Rain just has a kind of life and romance that instantly makes any small act of affection more meaningful… I love Mormor in the rain…

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 oooookay here we go.


Name - Amy. But you can call me anything else. What a twee little name. I need something more fiery.

Birthday - 9th June 1993 (Yes. I’m old. I’m aware.)

Favourite number - I honestly don’t have one, let’s go for 9.

Height - 5’6 I think

Talents - Writing. That is all. And even that is very self-indulgent. OH well. Let me have this.

Can you juggle? - I like to think so but no

Art/Sports/Both - Art.. I have a vendetta against football (soccer for you ‘murcans)

Do you like writing? - I LIVE FOR IT

Do you like dancing? - I love to dance. I can dance all night when I’m out and drunk. But real dance is impossible due to my shoddy sense of balance..

Do you like singing? - Only when I’m alone!


Dream vacation - America. I want to go to a Walmart. Don’t laugh at me. I want to tour around and see the bits that the tourists don’t see. And the Maldives. I reeeally want to go there.

Dream guy/gal - Intelligent, but not arrogant. Hot but not intimidating. Funny. Always funny.

Dream wedding - Inexpensive, and where I look good. Because if I feel good, I’ll have a good day. It’s the truth!

Dream pet - I want a scruffy looking dog who loves me very much.

Dream job - I want to be a screenplay writer, write for the theatre, or if all that goes to pot, be a production manager within TV or film.


Favourite song - Always changes. Usually inspires my fics.. the inspiration for The Barre was ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. An old classic is always Mr Brightside!

Favourite Album - Something by the Fray

Last song you’ve heard on the radio - No idea, I haven’t listened to the radio in ages.

Least favourite song - Let it Go, from Frozen. I loved this song a few months ago, but then I went on holiday with younger family.. It was played constantly on repeat! Back to back.

Least favourite album - Probably something screamy

Least favourite artist -  Screamy bands.


Guys/Girls/Both - I’m going to say guys, but I’ve had a few crushes on girls before, all of which caught me off guard.

Hair colour - Whatever looks good on them!

Eye colour - Brown.

Humorous/serious - Definitely humorous. Need to be funny.

Taller/shorter - Taller. Heh, I’m short.

Biggest turn off - No smarts. 
I can’t help it. I’ve met so many hot people in my industry who just coast through on good looks, and think that they’re God’s gift to women/men. I need to be able to hold a conversation!

Biggest turn on - This changes too. Right now, it’s HOT BODIES yeeeaahhhh (I’m allowed to dream)

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'Well, “Pride” tells the true story of an alliance between Welsh miners and a group called “LGSM” which is Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, a group of very young, gay people at the gay pride march which, as you can imagine, in 1984, was a different pride march than we have, and they sent money down to these… this small Welsh mining village to help them out, and they formed an alliance together that still lasts to this day, and it’s a true story… and we’re all unbelievably proud of it. It premiered at Cannes there and it went down an absolute storm.' 

Andrew talking about ‘Pride’ on ‘Lorraine’ (x)


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