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Sue from catering is from the 500 miles Doctor Who video that David Tennet did when he walked around and introduced all sorts of people from the crew and cast and stuff. She's awesome.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, I see!

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Consider: Jim and Sebastian meet Sue from Catering. Apparently Jim is a huge fan and demands to have his picture taken and an autograph and basically spazzes out like no other. Sebastian stands there confused but indulging and nodding, but then secretly that night googles "who the ____ is sue from catering???" for hours.

But… but who IS sue from catering!?!?

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Consider: AU where Jim and Sebastian are teachers at a prepschool. Jim teaches social science and history, and has a special love of the “Great Conquerors” Seminar, and Sebastian is the Dean and in charge of the school’s ROTC program, and teaches survival training as a gym elective.

"You’re all idiots, but I’ll attempt to teach you anyway.."

"You’re late."

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let’s be real here

listening to jim moriarty dirty talk would give anyone a boner

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whis pers fem!Seb here

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Consider: AU where Sebastian is suddenly turned into a woman with a love of military jackets, tall boots, and dark red lipstick made with the blood of Jim’s enemies. Lipstick she’s only too happy to leave all over Jim. Jim is unsure of how to take this.

But Jim eventually comes round to the idea, I hope! God damn, fem!Seb!

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