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I assume it’s just random facts so hey ho let’s go

1. I live in a flat in London with some housemates
2. I pay all my own bills/food/etc which is pretty scary, don’t ever grow up and get a real job because you have to do grown up things
3. I’m still torn over what I want to do. Film, TV.. Plays.. Books? I want to write. I want to write something.
4. I currently work in online video
5. I also write theatre reviews on the side for a popular website in London, and get free tickets to shows 
6. I’m going to a red carpet premiere tomorrow because I somehow won tickets
7. I miss my dog (back in my home city with my mum) so much. Wish I could get a dog here but I work full time and it wouldn’t be fair
8. Sometimes my life feels really surreal. I moved to London, got a full time job, a flat, and basically a whole new life within about a week..
9. I just watched Pride and it was amazing. Especially Andrew Scott, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Joe Gilgun
10. I have a tattoo.

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What really happened

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Anonymous said:
Over sensitive can be both. It can leave your emotions running high and fast, but then it also leaves your senses open like someone's left the volume up too high- so every sound, sight, touch, smell or taste is overwhelming.

I’m sure Sebastian could have a lot of fun with that.. ;)

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Consider: What happens in conduit street when one of the boys finds out the other gets severe migraines that leave them over sensitive and physically ill

Over sensitive as in touching wise, or over sensitive as in sobbing? Either could turn out very differently.. 

Physically ill! Not good! 

Strikes me as the type of thing that Jim might get, so I suppose Sebastian would try and force him to go to a doctor, and if he wouldn’t go, then he’d deal with it and baby him when he’s ill. And when over-sensitive, be extra sweet and horny

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my terrible day has suddenly turned into a good one

going to a red carpet premiere next week!

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Consider: A situation where Jim is forced to be Seb's slave for a day because he's lost a bet.



send them to me

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Jim Moriarty proves again that he is the most diabolically evil man in England. He teases Sebastian with his spoilers all night, winning himself dinner, drinks and a large popcorn and coke. Altogether, a nice visit, he thinks. Sebastian regrets ever asking.

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My issue with most horror movies to be honest. Am I the only one around here who would run toward the murderer? With a weapon, of course; but anything can be a weapon if you get creative. That’s my problem, I always want everything to be clever…

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